I was most likely born at the track and field stadium, because that's what I remember when I recall my childhood days. Both of my parents were athletes, so not surprisingly I was involved in various sports and activities. I started my athletic career in track and field when I was 10, but I really enjoyed cross country. In 2006 I became the captain of the Slovak national team in ISF Cross Country World Championship.

I am also a nerd. I followed my passion for sports by earning B. Sc in Sports Science and M. Ed. in Physical Education. My research work focused on coaching and motivation based on Atkinson's Achievement Motivation Theory. My thesis linked life quality and achievement motivation as a motive power for success in life and sports. After moving to the United States I obtained diploma in Sports Psychology for Peak Performance. While working towards my degree, I switched to long-distance running and raced in multiple international events, such as European Half-Marathon Cup and Supermarathon. 

One of my favorite quotes says: “Shoot for the moon! Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” I think that's what describes me best. Attitude comes first before anything else.