Goal setting is essential for any human action, especially when you' re expecting steady progress. We could talk hours and hours about how important is to have a goal.  It does not necessarily need to be sports or fitness oriented goal like run half-marathon. It can be anything that keeps you moving forward, develops you as a person or professionally. Sometimes, it is just a part of your life that makes you feel fulfilled. 

Agree with me or not, life with no goal is life with no direction and it might end up running in circles. In better case, in worse, you'll be stagnating (That is in conflict with very basic definition of words life, lively, to live).

To help you a little bit, the key is to know how to set up your goal in order to make you feel accomplished. 

The author of the bestselling book Your Performing Edge Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter determined 5 basic principles that help you to make goal setting more effective.

And this is how I did it:

Focus on aspect within your control

As a newbie triathlete I directed my energy towards aspects of training and competition that are potentially within my control. In other words, adjusting my training plan, diet and effort level to my work schedule (I' ve been lucky with this one). Elements such as weather, placing, competitors are beyond my control and I should not really worry about that. If weather sucks, I simply modify my training . If competitor are too fast, I run faster (That' s what I call competition).

Create measurable goals

Write your goal- to your journal, log book, notebook. Anywhere, so you can see it everyday. Try to be as specific as possible which means the goal should provide a framework for evaluating progress such as time. My goal is already pinned on our board together with bib number from my first triathlon race, so I see it everyday - consciously and subconsciously.

As you can see, the goal for my first triathlon season is to complete Nation' s Triathlon in my almost hometown Washington DC within 2:45 and possibly be in top 10 in my age group. Very specific, very realistic and challenging as well. Doable, if I keep hard work. The race is taking place on September 7th, which is roughly 2 months from now.

Set both long term and short term goals

As a fitness coach I have my clients setting up their short term goal based on long term goal, knowing that purpose of setting up your short term goal is to bring you closer to your final goals. Do not skip your short term goal. Realistically speaking, if you decided to lose unwanted weight, you' re not gonna lose 30 pounds in one month (in healthy way). Setting up short term goal leading to losing those 30 pounds, focus better on losing first 8. Accomplishing my long term goal I see myself crossing the Ironman finish line within five years. (Lake Tahoe = more specific goal). I would die for competing in such amazing race (Thinking that it consist of 2.4 miles swim, 112 miles bike ride and marathon run I will be definitely close enough).

Make your goal public.

Don' t keep your goals to yourself. Share it with friends, colleagues, family, so they can be part of it and encourage you on your way. You' ll be surprised how many people will support you and will become your fans if you will allow them. I posted my short term goal in my Facebook news as I have registered for Nation' s Tri, so my friends know what I am up to and that I am most likely not gonna party hard with them while training for my race, indeed. 

Don' t be afraid to talk about your goals and make them real. After all, research has shown that those who make their goals public in some way perform significantly better, but that' s already about effects of eccentric motivation and we will come back to this topic. 



This refreshing juice is ideal summertime treat, because blueberries and grapes are very rich in vitamin C and potassium. Grapes juice is well know as an age old home remedy for migraine and skins contain resveratrol, the healthy antioxidant providing protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation. Just perfect for the summer !

2 serves

2 cups seedless black grapes

2 cups blueberries

5 ice cubes

1 tablespoon honey

Combine grapes, blueberries and honey in blender and blend on high until throughly blended and smooth.

Enjoy !

Black & Strawberry smoothie

Blackberries are rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants. Blending with handful of strawberries, bananas and honey can be yummy and refreshing post workout snack or meal replacement. I also used plant based protein powder that is gluten, soy and dairy free to suit all dietary needs. 

serves 2

2 bananas

1.5 cups strawberries

1.5 cups blackberries

21 g raw protein powder


4 ice cubes

Blend !

Enjoy your healthy snack!




How making small decisions daily can lead up to extraordinary results?

It is all about common sense applied scrupulously over long period of time. The National Weight Control registry research collected data from over 10,000 individuals who have lost on average of 66 pounds and kept it off for an average of 5.5 years.



Some of their findings include:

94% increased physical activity in some way = Keep moving

75% weight themselves at least once a week = Step on scale often

98% modified their food intake in some way = Track your food

62% exercise on average of 1 hour per day = Do your workout

62% watch less than 10 hours of TV per week = Spend time outside

75% eat breakfast every day =Eat your breakfast

Spinach & Strawberry Salad


Spinach and strawberries are a perfect combination as weather warms, especially if you’ re craving something sweet & savory. You can make satisfying lunch or simple dinner. And if you decide to “go nuts” by adding pecans, they are an excellent source of calcium and other important minerals; you sure will get a bowl full of vitamins.


serves 3

1 cup fresh strawberries, sliced

5 cups baby spinach leaves

½ cup crumbled gorgonzola cheese

1-2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar or cranberry dressing

½ cup pecans (based on your calorie output, you can reward yourself with candied pecans)

Wash and dry spinach leaves, then place them into a medium-sized bowl. Drizzle a bit of dressing over the leaves. Gently toss spinach leaves with strawberries, gorgonzola cheese and top with pecans. Taste the salad and if needed, drizzle on a little bit more dressing.


How do you practice if you can’ t do a push up?

First, remove word can’ t form your vocab, follow this guide and don’t give up. Now, let’ s take something that seems impossible for some and break it down into manageable bite sized pieces of success.In order to master a real push up, you need to adjust to the challenging movement pattern.



That’s where we start. One of the most common reason, why it is so hard to perform a push up is lack of core strength. Basically, the goal is to hold the body in a facedown straight plank position with help of abdominal and hip muscles.



Elbows and feet are the only points of contact. Your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. Brace your core and hold for 30 seconds. Elbow plank, in other words low plank places more emphasis on your core strength and stability, while hand plank will gather the shoulder stability, tricep endurance and strength to help you at the top of the push up.



Have your hands directly underneath your shoulders and keep your body super flat. Your body should come up and stabilize naturally, but you also shouldn’t forget about keeping the straight line. 




From standing tall with your legs straight bend over and touch the floor. Keeping your legs straight, walk your hands forward. If you can’ t reach the floor with your legs straight, bend your knees just enough, so you can. Keep your core braced, walk your hands out as far as you can without allowing your hips to sag. Then, take tiny steps, to walk your feet back to your hands. That’ s one rep. Do 5 reps and then add one more rep each day or each time you train. 


Purpose of doing wall push up is simply to enable you to maintain the plank position while going through a dynamic movement.

Start with placing your hands on the wall at shoulder width apart and arms length. If you need, step back and lean into the wall, keeping the straight line, just like in plank position. Then, slowly lower yourself towards the wall by bending your arms, keeping your elbows in your body. Hinge on the balls of your feet. Straighten your arm and you’ ve successfully completed a wall push up.


An incline push up imitates the movements associated with the actual push up without the full blown strength requirement.

Starting from plank position, place your hands on the edge of bench, slightly wider than shoulder width. Feel free to use heavy table or plyo box. Then lower yourself down until your chest touches the surface. Push yourself back, keeping that plank position. Congrats ! You’ ve completed incline push up.

Tip: Simple Physics

The higher surface, the less strength is required !


Tip  Save your knees. Don’t forget to place mat, blanket or towel underneath your knees. You will need them.


Save your knees. Don’t forget to place mat, blanket or towel underneath your knees. You will need them.

Place your knees on the floor and keep the rest of your body straight in the plank position. Your back shouldn’t arch and you shouldn’t be bent at the hips. Bend your knees and wrap your ankles together. Okay, you’ re ready now, so lower yourself to the ground keeping your elbows in close to your body. Push yourself back up, keeping that plank position.




Congrats! You’ ve completed a knee push up.

Let’ s wrap it up!

Most important, remember all you’ ve learned leading up to this point. Start in plank position. Lower yourself down until your chest touches the ground. Push yourself up keeping that plank. Easy, isn’t it?

Congratulate and thank to yourself for all that hard work that paid off!

This plan includes three phases, week 1- 2, week 2- 4 , week 4-6. I recommend to add the moves to the beginning of your regularly scheduled workout. It is crucial to do it when your body is fresh and its strongest.