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Who's ready for Sunday fun? Today, I am bringing you four quick moves to tone up your body. First, I got good warm up with jumps and rope slams and then wrapped it up with yoga. I designed my workout to get you all happy & stronger in 2015, while increasing your metabolism and improving balance. Complete 3-4 times and keep your heart rate up with minimal rest between moves. 

If you love this workout, check out my first "Workout to be Happy & Strong"!

Stay tuned & toned!

And yes! Crane pose. Checked!

crane pose
Sunday Workout


Fitness Coach

As I said being a fitness coach is not only about counting reps. It's about being role model. We personal trainers are devoted to educating people on healthy lifestyle choices, which means my work does not end with my last training or last person I train with in the studio. Follow my typical day and learn to live "happy and strong"! Here's what a day in my " sneakers" looks like.

Morning- The most important part of the day. That's why you should kick off your morning with breakfast that is simple, healthy while giving you energy and nutrients you need. Honestly, cereals would not be my first pick, but this morning I did not feel like getting up 15 minutes earlier to prepare my favorite omelette. Cereals, omelette, toast with almond butter, anything you choose is better than leaving home with no breakfast at all. Today, I added a teaspoon of cinnamon and cranberries. BTW, did you know that cinnamon circulates the energy to the rest of the body and is thought to have a warming effect? Just perfect for a cold morning like this. And, don' t let me forget.... I always start my day with glass of cold water, so I actually wake up, lol!

Ready to work and ready to help people achieve their goals. Yes, I seem to be a little sleepy, but I actually enjoy working early in the morning. After all, who does't like to start the day with workout and that awesome feeling of accomplishment? I love my job and you cannot imagine how happy I am to see results and to see people who are healthy, happy, strong and satisfied with their improvement. And motivated to keep going. 

A little break for coffee and healthy snack (because you know what happens when I become hungry).

Although I have finished my work day, it does not mean that I stopped being a fitness coach for today. It's time for my workout (to keep myself fit and prepare for Triathlon season 2015) and pre-workout energy booster.  Banana, nuts, and Nutella (don't judge me, I would never quit Nutella anyways).

Yay! Let's see what I have prepared for myself today.

Run 2 miles

Full Body Tabata Intervals

Pull Ups (video coming up soon)

Run 2 miles

Foam roller

Time to refuel again! I just combined raspberries, banana and raw protein powder and blended on high until thoroughly blended and smooth.

I prepared my lunch very fast today. You cannot go wrong with red and green spinach, gorgonzola cheese, cranberries and pecan pieces. It's delicious and full of vitamins.

Time to work out my brain. I am recently working on my Sports Psychology diploma, so keep your fingers crossed for me. 

There is no better way to calm down than yoga. I believe that practice helps me to keep both, my mind and body focused. Plus, for me (impatient stretcher) it is crucial to relax and stretch my muscles, so I am able to push harder the next day. 

Have a good night & wake up happier and stronger tomorrow.


Ready! Set! Go!

5K is the most popular racing distance. No wonder why! Whether you are a novice runner or experienced runner you'll definitely have fun. All you need is a little time and effort. Well, and running shoes! My training plan for beginners includes run/walk training routines as well as cross- and strength training plans. And yeah, days off are planned, too. So, in 5 weeks you'll be more than ready to finish your first 5K. There are many cool races where a good cause is more important than actual finish time. I have just signed up for one such race on October 5th that supports early childhood education, playgrounds and programs that get kids moving in my local community. Check it out here:

Sign up, lace up, and start today!

Get used to your new routine! Find the best time in a day to complete your training. Everybody is different. Some people prefer to wake up earlier in the morning, someone likes to sleep in and has more energy at night. It's totally up to you. Most important is to find the time!

Stay motivated and remind yourself of your goal.

You probably feel much stronger than you did three weeks ago, so it's time to increase the volume and intensity. Don't stay in your comfort zone, there is much more to accomplish!

Race day is getting closer and you're almost ready to go!

Good luck! See you at the finish line, happy &strong!


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Hi happy & strong people!

Hope, you're all doing well, waking up every morning with smile on your face. (And coffee in your mug.)

Here is the second part of my " good morning abs challenge". Scroll all the way down to see your workout plan day by day.

It is definitely more challenging, so have fun with it and don' t forget that: " It is not a matter of how much your train, but of how you train."

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