Back on the yoga mat or benefits of postnatal yoga

Yesterday, I went for my first yoga class after having a baby. Doing yoga throughout my pregnancy I felt little off balance but very strong. And I thought it will only get better after I give birth. I decided to continue my practice, but nobody told me that I will be much weaker and it will be real challenge to get back my flexibility. But here I am - back on the mat and these are the reasons why. Yoga is the best because:

Boosts your mood naturally

Yoga practice calms your mind and body. It is very important to know how to stop constant stream of thoughts that flows through your mind.

Speeds up recovery

Yoga targets your entire core, including your pelvic floor as well as lower back and hips - you will improve your stamina and strength. 

Helps you breathe properly again

Yoga breathing literally re- knits abdominal muscles and prevents you from sadness by increasing endorphins release. 

Gives you time off

Now as a new mom you need to learn how to relax like never before. Meditation will give you some time to chill, so you can continue being the best mom that you can be. It is important to realize that we need to take care of ourselves first in order to serve others. 

Improves your balance

Your balance was continually challenged as your structure and center of gravity changed during pregnancy, but don't worry too much. Your body will soon return to its pre-pregnancy state and you will find it. Both - body & mind balance. 

Builds your confidence back up

You will learn how to trust your body even more. It feels amazing to finally start exercising again. Especially, if you are used to intense workouts, yoga is a perfect way to get back to your old self without overdoing training. That's exactly what you need to start - step by step.



Workout myths = excuses?

Hey all Happy & Strong people!

Remember that exercise is an important part of your life. Don’t let the excuses to keep you from getting the workout you need. Let me debunk the myths to help you maintain a healthy weight and stay in shape. 


There is still too much emphasis placed on what the scale says.Your weight has very little to do with your fitness level. Muscle weights more than fat, so it’s common to see an increase in weight when performing lifting regimens after a few weeks.  What is important to measure is seeing how your clothes fit and how you feel overall. I' m 5'6 and my pre-pregnancy weight was 130 pounds. Confusing..I know, but this is what 130 pounds looks like with 15% body fat.



Your body needs extra fuel to workout. Good fuel!  Losing pounds and burning fat happen when you have calorie deficit. However, caloric deficit works the opposite way, that’s why your food intake should consist of a balance of healthy fats, protein, vegetable and fruit. My snack is always a little bit of everything: healthy fat, protein, fresh fruits and veggies. It's the best way to fend off food cravings. If you plan your meals and pack your lunch or snack, it will keep things under your control. It means that you will eat exactly what your body needs to refuel, instead of eating anything just because you're dying of hunger. In addition, such approach also slows down your metabolism. Great news is that working out on regular basis helps balance an occasional high-calorie splurge. 


Because you haven’t eaten for 7-8 hours during night (we really hope you get enough sleep) your body metabolism is at its lowest. To kick off your metabolism you need to eat breakfast that is simple and healthy while giving you energy and nutrients you need. Cereals, omelette, toast with almond butter, anything you choose is better than leaving home with no breakfast at all. 

TRUTH ABOUT bulking up

Heavy weights build the strength of your muscles so they increase your metabolism and burn fat. To really bulk up, you have to spend hours and hours in the gym lifting extremely heavy weights along with eating a very strict diet that promotes muscle gain. Loosing fat makes you look leaner - not bigger. Not to mention that muscle tissue is more dense than fat. 

TRUTH ABOUT being hungry

Don’t be fooled by habitual or emotional hunger. Your body is smart enough to let you know, when it’s actually time to refuel. Emotional eating is triggered by stress, boredom, sadness or happiness and habitual hunger is simply a habit when your body is used to eating meals or snacks at set time. If you are experiencing low cognitive functioning, so you cannot focus well, then you know it’s real biological hunger.

Stay happy & healthy & strong,


Hi all Happy and Strong people!

I am logging in to my blog after few months. I am sorry that I didn't post anything to keep you happy and strong, but I am sure you are all doing just fine. Working on my diploma and multiple projects was more time consuming than I thought. Of course, the most important became - "project baby". Yes, I am expecting a baby girl and I am very excited and happy to share this wonderful news with you. 






Actually, today is my birthday and this is what I got. The cutest, the best & the happiest present ever <3

Here is my "Birthday workout" for you. Because, what is the best way to celebrate :-) Start with 2 miles walk and perform 3 sets. 

25 plie squats

25 seconds side plank

25 knee push ups

25 lunges

Stay Happy & Strong **




I am very excited to start my triathlon season 2015! How did the first training in the pool feel? Tough! Uncoordinated & clumsy! The most important is to get that "feel of the water" and I can proudly say that by the end of my training I was able to manage that. Yaaay! If you're a triathlon newbie and you find this workout interesting, please feel free to use it. 

100 yards warm up


6 x 50 yards focused on technique - length, direction, high elbow (you can read more here:

3 x 10 seconds vertical kicks

2 x 50 yards focused on head position and breathing

2 x 50 yards freestyle with fins - speed (my favorite)

3 x 200 yards freestyle easy

4 x 50 yards freestyle with paddles and buoy (focus on high elbow and propulsion)

50 yards freestyle cool down

Swimming is a great full-body workout that improves your posture, cardio and core strength. That' s why I prepared for you a swim cardio workout. Have fun!

Swim Cardio


Who's ready for Sunday fun? Today, I am bringing you four quick moves to tone up your body. First, I got good warm up with jumps and rope slams and then wrapped it up with yoga. I designed my workout to get you all happy & stronger in 2015, while increasing your metabolism and improving balance. Complete 3-4 times and keep your heart rate up with minimal rest between moves. 

If you love this workout, check out my first "Workout to be Happy & Strong"!

Stay tuned & toned!

And yes! Crane pose. Checked!

crane pose
Sunday Workout

Stay happy & strong in 2015

Happy new year

Hi all happy& strong people. Hope,you had a wonderful Christmas full of joy, love and peace. Have you already set up your goal for 2015? As I said before "goal setting is essential for any human action, especially when you're expecting a steady progress. We could talk hours and hours about how important it is to have a goal.  It does not necessarily need to be sport or fitness-oriented goal like to run a half-marathon. It can be anything that keeps you moving forward, develops you as a person or professionally. Sometimes, it is just a part of your life that makes you feel fulfilled".

To help you a little bit, the key is to know how to set up your SMART goal! Please, feel free to print my SMART SHEET:


My goals are to:

be able to do 20 pull-ups with no break by the end of February. Wish me luck! As you see, I set up a specific goal with time bound and it also includes number and conditions. 

be able to do "standing split" by the end of February. My "split goal" reflects my larger goal = improving my flexibility. I definitely need to stretch more and I already took my first steps to achieve it this morning in yoga class. Namaste

complete Nation's Triathlon and be in top 5 in my age group. Very specific, very realistic and super challenging as well. Doable, if I keep hard work. The race is taking place on September 13t, which is 8 months from now.

Stay Happy& Strong in 2015 and don't forget:

"Tomorrow will be the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one".

Happy New Year


Hi Happy & Strong people!

I really enjoyed my Thanksgiving weekend in Vermont. I know, we don't get much snow here in Virginia (at least, as of now), but ski season is definitely here, so I prepared for you "Pre ski warm up workout". My new workout is designed to build muscular endurance - it engages key muscle groups, so your legs are ready even for the steepest slope. To get started, make sure to include at least 15 minutes of cardio and don't forget to stretch afterwards.



Happy St. Nicholas Day everyone!

I know, St. Nick is not very popular in the US, but in Europe it' s kind of a big deal and it is one of my favorite days of the year. That' s why 6th of December usually reminds me that Christmas is coming. Traditional celebrations of St. Nicholas Day include gifts left in children's shoes. Of course, kids have to clean their shoes beforehand. I really wonder if parents like this tradition just to have us clean our boots. But why shoes? Back in the day (4th century), Saint Nicholas who was a Christian Saint and bishop built himself a reputation for gift-giving by putting coins into other people's shoes. Nowadays, all good kids receive treats - candies, cookies, chocolate (mostly chocolate, in my case), fruits and nuts.

So, happy gift-giving and here is my present for you (I kept chocolate for myself).

Stay Happy & Strong


Hi all Happy & Strong people!

Today, I am bringing you a brand new workout routine that can be done done anywhere, anytime and with no equipment.  My "Tuesday Workout" is designed to sculpt your legs, arms, core while keeping your heart rate up.

This is how I keep myself in shape, so let's do it! Complete the routine 2-3 times.

You're going to love how amazing and happy you feel afterwards.


Happy Sunday to you all.

I am back with "My very favorite".

This is the best and the most motivating quote I have found so far. I am also happy to share the picture. Yes, it' s taken in beautiful Slovak mountains. Now, you all know why I love winter so much.

Enjoy climbing and stay strong.

So yummy! Siggis's, the traditional Swedish drinkable yogurt is slowly fermented for a soft, buttery flavor and made with milk from family farms in New York, real raspberries and a light touch of agave nectar. This used to be my to go breakfast during my college times. Cheers!










I have been looking for a microwavable Teddy Bear for almost a year. It' s adorable and just perfect for heat therapy, because it soothes pain and provides relief from colds, flu and cramps.


Time to Climb! "Mountain climbers" is my favorite total body exercise. Ready! Set! Climb!

Although laughter might be the best medicine, this is how not to do Mountain Climbers: :-)



All Happy & Strong people!

Spice up your running routine with this legs sculpting workout that develops explosive strength. I had so much fun with it! Complete 3 rounds of the following circuit. If you need, feel free to adjust intensity, number of reps or timing (go only higher, of course :-).

I was jumping side to side on stairs, but if you are "jumper- beginner" jump with nothing more than a line on the floor until you are comfortable with side to side jumping or jumping over low barriers.&nbsp;

I was jumping side to side on stairs, but if you are "jumper- beginner" jump with nothing more than a line on the floor until you are comfortable with side to side jumping or jumping over low barriers. 


Wake up your abs with this 2 weeks core challenge!

As you already know, strong core is the key, no matter what you do. If you were wondering how to improve your balance or to do complicated yoga poses, it is time to strengthen your core. It is important to understand that the contraction of the transversus abdominis and multifidus muscles occures before any movement of the limbs, which simply means that all movement starts at the core. 

Remember, flat stomach doesn't mean strong core.

I recommend starting your day with simple core exercises as you wake up in the morning. It is the best way to speed up your metabolism and plus you will definitely feel awake. 

Here is your week #1 plan. I'll be back with week #2 plan on Tuesday.

Have a nice weekend everyone. Stay happy & strong!