Ready! Set! Go!

5K is the most popular racing distance. No wonder why! Whether you are a novice runner or experienced runner you'll definitely have fun. All you need is a little time and effort. Well, and running shoes! My training plan for beginners includes run/walk training routines as well as cross- and strength training plans. And yeah, days off are planned, too. So, in 5 weeks you'll be more than ready to finish your first 5K. There are many cool races where a good cause is more important than actual finish time. I have just signed up for one such race on October 5th that supports early childhood education, playgrounds and programs that get kids moving in my local community. Check it out here:

Sign up, lace up, and start today!

Get used to your new routine! Find the best time in a day to complete your training. Everybody is different. Some people prefer to wake up earlier in the morning, someone likes to sleep in and has more energy at night. It's totally up to you. Most important is to find the time!

Stay motivated and remind yourself of your goal.

You probably feel much stronger than you did three weeks ago, so it's time to increase the volume and intensity. Don't stay in your comfort zone, there is much more to accomplish!

Race day is getting closer and you're almost ready to go!

Good luck! See you at the finish line, happy &strong!