Workout myths = excuses?

Hey all Happy & Strong people!

Remember that exercise is an important part of your life. Don’t let the excuses to keep you from getting the workout you need. Let me debunk the myths to help you maintain a healthy weight and stay in shape. 


There is still too much emphasis placed on what the scale says.Your weight has very little to do with your fitness level. Muscle weights more than fat, so it’s common to see an increase in weight when performing lifting regimens after a few weeks.  What is important to measure is seeing how your clothes fit and how you feel overall. I' m 5'6 and my pre-pregnancy weight was 130 pounds. Confusing..I know, but this is what 130 pounds looks like with 15% body fat.



Your body needs extra fuel to workout. Good fuel!  Losing pounds and burning fat happen when you have calorie deficit. However, caloric deficit works the opposite way, that’s why your food intake should consist of a balance of healthy fats, protein, vegetable and fruit. My snack is always a little bit of everything: healthy fat, protein, fresh fruits and veggies. It's the best way to fend off food cravings. If you plan your meals and pack your lunch or snack, it will keep things under your control. It means that you will eat exactly what your body needs to refuel, instead of eating anything just because you're dying of hunger. In addition, such approach also slows down your metabolism. Great news is that working out on regular basis helps balance an occasional high-calorie splurge. 


Because you haven’t eaten for 7-8 hours during night (we really hope you get enough sleep) your body metabolism is at its lowest. To kick off your metabolism you need to eat breakfast that is simple and healthy while giving you energy and nutrients you need. Cereals, omelette, toast with almond butter, anything you choose is better than leaving home with no breakfast at all. 

TRUTH ABOUT bulking up

Heavy weights build the strength of your muscles so they increase your metabolism and burn fat. To really bulk up, you have to spend hours and hours in the gym lifting extremely heavy weights along with eating a very strict diet that promotes muscle gain. Loosing fat makes you look leaner - not bigger. Not to mention that muscle tissue is more dense than fat. 

TRUTH ABOUT being hungry

Don’t be fooled by habitual or emotional hunger. Your body is smart enough to let you know, when it’s actually time to refuel. Emotional eating is triggered by stress, boredom, sadness or happiness and habitual hunger is simply a habit when your body is used to eating meals or snacks at set time. If you are experiencing low cognitive functioning, so you cannot focus well, then you know it’s real biological hunger.

Stay happy & healthy & strong,



Fitness Coach

As I said being a fitness coach is not only about counting reps. It's about being role model. We personal trainers are devoted to educating people on healthy lifestyle choices, which means my work does not end with my last training or last person I train with in the studio. Follow my typical day and learn to live "happy and strong"! Here's what a day in my " sneakers" looks like.

Morning- The most important part of the day. That's why you should kick off your morning with breakfast that is simple, healthy while giving you energy and nutrients you need. Honestly, cereals would not be my first pick, but this morning I did not feel like getting up 15 minutes earlier to prepare my favorite omelette. Cereals, omelette, toast with almond butter, anything you choose is better than leaving home with no breakfast at all. Today, I added a teaspoon of cinnamon and cranberries. BTW, did you know that cinnamon circulates the energy to the rest of the body and is thought to have a warming effect? Just perfect for a cold morning like this. And, don' t let me forget.... I always start my day with glass of cold water, so I actually wake up, lol!

Ready to work and ready to help people achieve their goals. Yes, I seem to be a little sleepy, but I actually enjoy working early in the morning. After all, who does't like to start the day with workout and that awesome feeling of accomplishment? I love my job and you cannot imagine how happy I am to see results and to see people who are healthy, happy, strong and satisfied with their improvement. And motivated to keep going. 

A little break for coffee and healthy snack (because you know what happens when I become hungry).

Although I have finished my work day, it does not mean that I stopped being a fitness coach for today. It's time for my workout (to keep myself fit and prepare for Triathlon season 2015) and pre-workout energy booster.  Banana, nuts, and Nutella (don't judge me, I would never quit Nutella anyways).

Yay! Let's see what I have prepared for myself today.

Run 2 miles

Full Body Tabata Intervals

Pull Ups (video coming up soon)

Run 2 miles

Foam roller

Time to refuel again! I just combined raspberries, banana and raw protein powder and blended on high until thoroughly blended and smooth.

I prepared my lunch very fast today. You cannot go wrong with red and green spinach, gorgonzola cheese, cranberries and pecan pieces. It's delicious and full of vitamins.

Time to work out my brain. I am recently working on my Sports Psychology diploma, so keep your fingers crossed for me. 

There is no better way to calm down than yoga. I believe that practice helps me to keep both, my mind and body focused. Plus, for me (impatient stretcher) it is crucial to relax and stretch my muscles, so I am able to push harder the next day. 

Have a good night & wake up happier and stronger tomorrow.