knee extensions


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Hi Happy & Strong people. 


What does it mean to have (happy) strong knees? Well, we say knees, but it's actually muscles, ligaments and tendons that are responsible for supporting your knee. Last year during ski trip I injured my knee. A terrible fall on an icy slope. Honestly, at that moment I couldn't imagine myself walking/running for a few months. When it comes to recovery and strengthening your knees, consistency is the key (I went for my first 1-mile run six weeks after the accident). It' s a relatively long process with low impact recovery exercises, that's why you should perform exercises on a regular basis and start with 1-2 sets every day. If you are not sure, how many sets and reps you should perform, ask me for advice. I will be more than happy to help. 


Heel slides

Sit or lie on your back on a hard and flat surface, then slowly slide your heel toward your buttocks, keeping your heel on the floor. You can wear just socks to ensure that foot slides or use towel under your foot. Do 25 reps, switch legs and repeat. 

Prone knee bend

Lie on your stomach and bend your knee back as far as possible. Hold for 5 seconds and return to staring position. Perform 20 repetitions and switch legs. 

Side lying leg lift

Lie on your side with both legs extended and feet flexed. Brace your core and lift your top leg up to hip height, then return to starting position. Do 20 reps and switch sides and legs.


Sitting knee extensions

Sitting in chair with your feet flat on the floor, slowly extend your right leg in front of you parallel to the floor, until your knee is straight. Flex your foot and hold this position for 3 seconds. Lower your leg back to the starting position then repeat 20 times and switch legs.