I am very excited to start my triathlon season 2015! How did the first training in the pool feel? Tough! Uncoordinated & clumsy! The most important is to get that "feel of the water" and I can proudly say that by the end of my training I was able to manage that. Yaaay! If you're a triathlon newbie and you find this workout interesting, please feel free to use it. 

100 yards warm up


6 x 50 yards focused on technique - length, direction, high elbow (you can read more here:

3 x 10 seconds vertical kicks

2 x 50 yards focused on head position and breathing

2 x 50 yards freestyle with fins - speed (my favorite)

3 x 200 yards freestyle easy

4 x 50 yards freestyle with paddles and buoy (focus on high elbow and propulsion)

50 yards freestyle cool down

Swimming is a great full-body workout that improves your posture, cardio and core strength. That' s why I prepared for you a swim cardio workout. Have fun!

Swim Cardio


Happy St. Nicholas Day everyone!

I know, St. Nick is not very popular in the US, but in Europe it' s kind of a big deal and it is one of my favorite days of the year. That' s why 6th of December usually reminds me that Christmas is coming. Traditional celebrations of St. Nicholas Day include gifts left in children's shoes. Of course, kids have to clean their shoes beforehand. I really wonder if parents like this tradition just to have us clean our boots. But why shoes? Back in the day (4th century), Saint Nicholas who was a Christian Saint and bishop built himself a reputation for gift-giving by putting coins into other people's shoes. Nowadays, all good kids receive treats - candies, cookies, chocolate (mostly chocolate, in my case), fruits and nuts.

So, happy gift-giving and here is my present for you (I kept chocolate for myself).

Stay Happy & Strong