Why I quit my job

I actually don't know why. I wish the reason was so simple to explain. It was purely "following my heart" decision. As any decision with heart involved, this was not easy. My schedule was perfect (Well, I am morning person. I really don't mind getting up at 4am), my clients are my friends and I cannot be more grateful for each and every person that coaching brought into my life. That hurts the most. Leaving people who believe that I can make their goal come true. But I believe that coaching is about inspiring and influencing people's lives. I hope I was good enough coach to make that change. I take goals and dreams seriously. If I am your coach, I consider your goals to be mine. I feel accomplished and happy only when I know that I put all my energy, knowledge and passion into what I am doing. Now, it' s time for me to slow down. Just a little bit. Taking one goal at the time. 

I just realized that I am typing this post in very same Starbucks, where I was getting ready for my interview 3 years ago. Funny, isn't it?

Challenge is what keeps us all moving forward. Apparently, I like challenges. When I decided to move to United States after graduating from college nobody could understand why. All my friends and family were trying to talk me out of it. It made no sense to them that I want to start my life from 0 in foreign country. That is true. But I knew that this is what I want. If I didn't try it, I would always wonder how great it could be. Fast forward four years, it is great. Now, I know it. Was I scared that time? Oh, I was. Did I doubt my ability to make this happen? Certainly. As they say: "If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try". I am little scared now. But I have few new projects coming up this year, and I know that stepping out of my comfort zone is step #1. It is like bungee jump. Once you are standing on the platform ready to jump, you should just do it. Chances are, you may not jump at all. Which is fine, you will just never feel beauty of the free fall. And rebound afterwards :-)