I am very excited to start my triathlon season 2015! How did the first training in the pool feel? Tough! Uncoordinated & clumsy! The most important is to get that "feel of the water" and I can proudly say that by the end of my training I was able to manage that. Yaaay! If you're a triathlon newbie and you find this workout interesting, please feel free to use it. 

100 yards warm up


6 x 50 yards focused on technique - length, direction, high elbow (you can read more here: http://www.joefrielsblog.com/)

3 x 10 seconds vertical kicks

2 x 50 yards focused on head position and breathing

2 x 50 yards freestyle with fins - speed (my favorite)

3 x 200 yards freestyle easy

4 x 50 yards freestyle with paddles and buoy (focus on high elbow and propulsion)

50 yards freestyle cool down

Swimming is a great full-body workout that improves your posture, cardio and core strength. That' s why I prepared for you a swim cardio workout. Have fun!

Swim Cardio