My story is not about changing my lifestyle by turning into a fitness enthusiast. I’ve been drawn into sports from early childhood, which led me to obtain Master’s Degree in Sports Science. Starting with track and fields, cross-country and half-marathons, I recently ended up with triathlons. Pine tree, the logo I have chosen reminds me of the place where I am originally from. Beautiful Slovakia, the country of many many pine trees, lakes and mountains. The pine tree symbolizes strength, knowledge, life and growth and that’ s what I am writing about. As a fitness coach I know that if I want my clients to work hard, I’d better work hard too. Coaching is not about counting reps. It takes much more than that. It’ s about being a role model. My knowledge allows me to see ways to go and my passion for fitness helps me encourage people to achieve their goals step by step.

If you asked me who my coach was, the answer is: my dad, my mom and life. I inherited love for sports and healthy lifestyle. Them being proud of me assured me that I am walking down the right path and their belief in me encouraged me to keep walking.  One of my favorite quotes says: “Shoot for the moon! Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” So, first of all, you should never be scared, because life is good.  I don’t think that moving to a foreign country as a fresh graduate was the biggest challenge of my life. Neither obtaining my Master's degree was. That was just the start. It was not easy, but to be honest, easier than I expected it to be. Everyday brings a new challenge, you just have to take those first steps and stop thinking about  “what if”.