Stay happy & strong in 2015

Happy new year

Hi all happy& strong people. Hope,you had a wonderful Christmas full of joy, love and peace. Have you already set up your goal for 2015? As I said before "goal setting is essential for any human action, especially when you're expecting a steady progress. We could talk hours and hours about how important it is to have a goal.  It does not necessarily need to be sport or fitness-oriented goal like to run a half-marathon. It can be anything that keeps you moving forward, develops you as a person or professionally. Sometimes, it is just a part of your life that makes you feel fulfilled".

To help you a little bit, the key is to know how to set up your SMART goal! Please, feel free to print my SMART SHEET:


My goals are to:

be able to do 20 pull-ups with no break by the end of February. Wish me luck! As you see, I set up a specific goal with time bound and it also includes number and conditions. 

be able to do "standing split" by the end of February. My "split goal" reflects my larger goal = improving my flexibility. I definitely need to stretch more and I already took my first steps to achieve it this morning in yoga class. Namaste

complete Nation's Triathlon and be in top 5 in my age group. Very specific, very realistic and super challenging as well. Doable, if I keep hard work. The race is taking place on September 13t, which is 8 months from now.

Stay Happy& Strong in 2015 and don't forget:

"Tomorrow will be the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one".

Happy New Year