Hi happy & strong people!


Many of you are asking me what to eat to stay healthy and fit. Now, forget about calories. I'm going to describe the key principles of healthy eating. The most important is to know "when" and "what" to eat. Your body is smart to develop habit of eating healthy, if it's getting enough nutrients from quality food. Everybody is different, depending on metabolism, your daily routine and physical activity level, etc. That' s why we will talk about calories intake and metabolic rate a little later.

My first rule is: eating clean, organic, and staying away from processed food. (Seriously, is anyone still drinking soda?)

Always read the label. In this case, less usually means more. Don't even bother to study items with mile long ingredient list. I know, it might take a while at first to learn how to read labels, but the more you do, it becomes easier and easier.

Healthy Snacks! Pre/post workout, lunch. 

My snack is always a little bit of everything: healthy fat, protein, fresh fruits and veggies. It's the best way to fend off food cravings. If you plan your meals and pack your lunch or snack, it will keep things under your control. It means that you will eat exactly what your body needs to refuel, instead of eating anything just because you're dying of hunger. In addition, such approach also slows down your metabolism.

To make it easier for you, here is my healthy shopping list that will help you stay on track :-)